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steps of product development introduced through Iron Man

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as i am a big iron man fan, after watching the third part in the movies yesterday, I decided to watch all the other movies and made some observations, as I studied Product Design Engineering. so let me introduce the important steps of a product development through Iron Man.

technical pull - we say this when the project starts on a new technical invention or when a new way of usage is discovered for an exsiting technology with little changes, which was actually the case here with the heart-thingy for keeping our dear and beloved RDJ alive.
defining a goal is very important at the beginning (for example: escape from captivity in the desert from a cave full of crazy-ass terrorists though this is kind of rare in real life assignements). technical development is the next move, we calculate and stuff. define functions for the product, main function: protect the body, additional functions: killing, setting stuff on fire and flying. it is very important that the people involved in the project are motivated from the beginning, in this case i dont think that this could have been an issue...
prototyping, testing: so basicly we build the thing and try it out. it is very important because we can find the problems in our product doing so.
so during the testing we can observe the difficulties and errors in the product which later on we can use when further developing it.
CAD - computer-aided design: this really makes things easier! simulations, calculations and so on.
after fixing our robot we can focus on further testings on our new prototype: we give a final shape for the thing, we choose colors. let me phrase David Lewis: "Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.” this is kind of a motto for me and it is perfectly works for iron man and the evil big iron-man copy is simply just too big and slow because they did not really follow through this principle.
also we really have to watch out for copying. our competitors can take apart our product and simply copy it after analysing it, specially if we loose our whole prototype in the desert. but you can always rely on the loyalty of your fans and the lovers of your brand, because no matter how shiny those evil robots are, our hearts always beats for Tony Stark, isnt it? it is all about marketing.
well and then you can always develop your product. for example it is not really convenient that you need a tiny-robot-army for putting on the suit.
of course in the second part it is already portable (in a suit-case) and in the third... okay i dont want to blow it for those who did not see it yet.
as for production: we have individual production at first, but later on it is produced in a small-serie. but of course we have to wait a few decades before going into mass production.
and we already have thousands of fake chinese versions:

in summary Tony Stark every-womens-dream-sexy-cute Robert Downey Jr is THE perfect integrated product designer although in real life it is not one persons job to perform the whole process. it would take approximately two people to develop the robot's left ankle's protecting part of the suit. 2000 designer and engineer would work on the whole thing, let's be optimistic, for 5 years. anyway he is perfect and we love him (alright... i know... my phsyciatrist already told me several times he does not excists).

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